Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Goal Progress

              Something that I did that met one of my writing goals was working on my summaries. In my writer's craft I wrote about a rock climbing experience that I had, and it was a summary of the end of one climb. I thought it turned out really well, because I didn't ramble on like I tend to do with summaries. I did a good job at keeping it to the point and not getting side tracked while still having a good amount of detail. In the essay I talked about the last twenty feet, the most agonizing part. I easily could have talked about the entire climb, but by the end it would have started to seem really repetitive and boring. I did a much better at keeping it in the length that I wanted in the first draft. Normally I have to go back and take out parts that aren't as important.
             Next time I might work more on using more vocabulary and using words that describe emotions or events in a more interesting way than what I've been using. Ive always tried to work at this, but next time I write I'm going to focus mostly on that. It's always nice to expand your vocabulary, because I often find that I can't find the right word to describe something.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blog Post 2

         One of the writing prompts that I really liked was the one about an emotion that we've had. I wrote about happiness, and the time that I climbed a cliff that had the most amazing view from the top. I enjoyed writing about this because it brought back some of the great memories and emotions from that trip and that specific climb. I found it amazing that nobody will ever have the exact same view from that climb as I did during that climb. I felt successful, because I had experienced something in a way that nobody else will ever experience the same way.
          A way that I would develop it into a longer piece is by writing more about my emotions during each part of the climb and describing the view from the top. I only had a brief amount of time to write about each part, so I couldn't describe every way detail about the experience.